Customers Own Material

BELOW  are examples of  clients that had hides / back skins  stored away in boxes, that utilized our COM (Customers own material) Program.

We can use your hides on any of our furniture line or we have the ability to customize to your desire. Our upholstery is done in the USA in Morganton, North Carolina.

We offer you an easy full service, from emailing you the shipping label, receiving your material, reviewing and providing options via telephone. Once it is manufactured it ships direct to you from Morganton, NC.

We hope you will transform your stored material into functional pieces of furniture.

 To get in touch with us, and to get started on the process of turning your boxed away hides into beautiful furniture, contact us at :


Tel:  888) 270-5882

               George’s Carved Victorian using his own Zebra hide:

Zebra chair

                                                         George’s Mini Wingback Chair

(Frame Style AI14451)



We Can Make COM furniture in any of the frames that you see in our furniture section- Please get in contact with us to turn your ideas into a reality for your own project.






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