Wildebeest Hides

According to an African legend, God made blue wildebeest from bits and pieces that were left over after He had finished creating all the other animals. He gave it the face of a mule, a goat’s beard, the horns of a cow, and the body of a horse. He goes by a variety of names. The Afrikaners call him “wildebees”, the Dutch call him “gnoe”, in Kiswahili it is “nyumbu”, the Xhosa say “i-ngu”, and the Bushman know him as “!nu”. The Germans have (in my opinion) the best name for him; Streifengnu. This animal, known by the ancient ones as “The Old Fool of the Veld”, is the unmistakable Blue Wildebeest of Africa. The name “Blue Wildebeest” derives from the silvery blue sheen on his short-haired hide, differentiating this species from the more drab Black Wildebeest.
The Wildebeest is one of our personal favourites here at THE AFRICAN MARKET
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