Animal Mounts

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Africa has the most varied animal species in the world. Predator or prey, an African big game taxidermy hunting trophy is always a treasure. Our Trophy Room has an amazing collection of African mounts - including majestic lions, graceful gazelles, deadly cape buffalo and more.


Our taxidermy is commissioned from the finest taxidermists in Southern Africa.


All trophies are in stock and ready to ship by our expert shipping department.  The photograph is the exact trophy that you will receive.
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SHOULDER MOUNT - Cape Buffalo Trophy #1
$ 2,850.00
SHOULDER MOUNT - Blesbok Trophy
$ 850.00
$ 2,400.00
SHOULDER MOUNT - Tessebe Trophy
$ 850.00
SHOULDER MOUNT - Black Wildebeest Shoulder Mount
$ 995.00
SHOULDER MOUNT - Impala Trophy 1
$ 995.00
SHOULDER MOUNT - Bush Pig Trophy
$ 995.00