Celebrating 36 years in business


We are delighted that you have visited our store! Since 1986 we have been forming friendships and serving the USA with the finest Zebra Skins and African Imports. It is our absolute pleasure to provide you with premium product and excellent customer service.


Enjoy your shopping experience at the African Market's Trophy Room Collection.

Featured Collections

Cowhide- Online Warehouse

Cowhides vary, choose your exact hide from our online warehouse stock.

We keep stock of a wide range of natural cowhides, as well as stenciled and metallic prints on genuine cowhide.

Our 100% authentic cowhides originate from S. America.
Our high tanning standards make our cowhides exceptionally soft and supple!
Use as floor decor, wall hanging, or for custom furniture (inquire for examples of what we can produce for you).


We have a full ever changing stock, thats why we have designed the online warehouse- so customers can choose their exact rug from the rack, while conveniently online shopping!

From Sketch to Stunning!


We have incredible artists with a passion for hand carving any design imaginable. On either side you will see an example of the process. To the left was the sketch we provided to our customer for approval, in this phase the customer is given an opportunity to add any final touches, once they approve the design- we begin the artwork.