Handcarved Masterpieces

It is an amazing process to watch your thoughts materialize from your rough sketch of an idea through to refined artist's drawing and into the finished product.

Hand Carved Wood Door
Safari Themed Custom Wood Door


These are literally one-of-a-kind piece of art.  Wether it is a "doodle" that you send us, or a list of the animals/scenery you love ie a Msasa tree, Elephant and Giraffe, our Artist will orignate artwork in the form of a sketch that, once approved by you, will be carved into your chosen furniture piece.

Over the last 33 years I have met and dealt with so many people whose commitment to wildlife, and it's conservation, is staggering.  A large majority of these people live all over the world, yet the hold of Africa and her beauty stay at the forefront of what they hold dear.  We have found a way to take the memories and photographs that just sit in a box, or a hide folded away in storage and turn them into every day pieces of exquisite furniture - a constant reminder of things that you hold dear. Whether it is a hunt, safari or simple childhood memories, our artist will take your picture, doodle, or just a verbal brief of what you love and bring it to life etched into wood. 

Goodness - to see an image, held in your imagination and see them turned into the most stunning piece of art is just breathtaking.   Whether a door, trunk, bookshelf, bar top (you name it), your memories can be a part of your every day living space! 

Below you will see a sample of a sketch that our Artist produced for a customer who wanted a big Elly (Elephant) on a custom made Armoire.  

Bringing the artwork alive

 Another example  below of a memory turned into functional decor is a customer who visited Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.  They returned to the States with a dream to have some of this amazing experience reflected in their home.  The customer commissioned us to create a bar top for his home which will remind him of his trip to Africa for years to come.

CUSTOM PUB TABLE & BAR STOOL - The most unique Pub table you will find

Carving on a pub table can be completely customized to your specification :  the BIG 5 is a favorite with elephant (Elly) in center.  Using Kudu and Gemsbok horn, with Zambian Kiaat, beautifully carved,  we create your custom Pub Tables with matching Kudu horn Bar Stools!


We also can add to the bar stool carvings the name of your bar, or lodge etc.

As you can see, the talent and attention to detail is absolutely incredible. 

Send in your request today through the "contact us" link located at the top of this page, and we will get started on your unique masterpiece!

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