Grading System: Zebra Rugs

OUR GRADING SYSTEM:  With 30 years in the business, our grading system is set at a very high standard.

We grade our skins on a scale from "Trophy Grade, A- Grade, B-Grade, and C-grade. 


Although the C grade will have areas of imperfections (small slips or scarring), they still have the same exceptional tanning and suppleness of an A grade skin.  If a few imperfections do not bother you, hands down this is the best value to obtain a genuine Zebra skin rug. 

B Grade: 

Our B- Grade hides are graded based on the number of imperfections found on the hide. These hides are beautiful by all accounts. They are tanned to perfection and the colors richen any room. Our B grades will have a few imperfections, but these Imperfections are difficult to detect. 

A Grade: 
   A-grade's are great Hides, They are high quality, and look great! They will have a few more imperfections than a Trophy Grade, but if a small amount of scaring and imperfections don't bother you ("I mean they were a wild animal right!?")  Then they are a great buy and a good value for your money. 
Trophy Grade:

Our magnificent collection of Trophy Grades are our highest quality zebra hides, the best of the best- offering a virtually flawless skin that allows us to provide you with the best possible product in furniture upholstery or area rugs. For all of our furniture we only use Trophy Grade's- because we trust the quality of Trophy Grade's more than anything!