Giraffe Rug - G4

Giraffe Rug - G4

$ 3,900.00


Our Giraffe hides are perfect for upholstery, yielding a large amount of usable material for all sorts of furniture and décor. Or use it as a magnificent rug that will be the focal point in any room.

Dimensions: 13FT  X 15FT X 18FT

Dimension Guideline: 
____x_____ x ____   
You will notice 3 different numbers: Here is a guideline to ensure that your zebra fits into the space you have in mind.  

1- The first measurement is the feet wide. Measured from the widest point of the zebra- Usually the back legs straight across, but can sometimes be the front legs- Whichever happens to be wider
2- The second measurement is the nose to end of back legs- Straight down the middle
3- The third measurement Nose to tip of tail- Straight down the middle

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