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Our throw pillows range in size and style and are made from Springbok, Zebra and Giraffe hide. These pillows make gorgeously unique statement pieces and complement any couch, chair, bench or bed.

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A Giraffe Pillow has many different Color variations, an image can be sent prior to shipping.

20" x 20". The back has a volour backing and we use a tan colored valour  to best match the hide.


The Sprinbok Pillow is 16" x 16".

Valour backing to compliment the hide is used.



The 20" x 20" Springbok Pillow is backed with a volour, matching in color to the Springbok hide.


The Stenciled Tiger Print Pillow is 16" x 16"

Valour Backing used.



Our Stenciled Leopard Print Springbok Pillow is 20" x 20".

We use a volour backing on this item.


The stenciled Tiger Print on a Springbok is 20  x 20"

We use a Valour backing.



Our Senciled Leopard Print on a Sprigbok Pilllow.

20" x 20"

We use a Valour Backing


Genuine Zebra Hides turned into a 16" x 16" Pillow

Black Valour used to back the Pillow

Patterns and Color Varies, image can be supplied prior to shipping for approval.



Middle Image - reflects our

Genuine Zebra Pillow 20" x 20"

Black Valour used to back the Pillow.

Patterns and colorations vary on the Zebra, We can email a picture for appoval.


Right Hand Side Image

Our Face Pillow in the Zebra is 16" x 16".

Colors vary, when dealing with a natural Zebra.

Image can be sent prior to shipping for appoval.




The Mane Pillow is 16" x 16"

The back has a black valour backing on it and a photo for approval can be sent on request.


This Stenciled Cowhide Pillow in Browna dn Cream is a 20" x 20" Pillow.

The back is in a brown Valour matching the Stencil print.

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