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We have the widest selection of authentic Zebra hides with the best pricing available, which means you get the highest quality Zebra hide for an affordable price. Our hides are tanned to perfection and make the perfect floor rug.  We have been providing customers with our gorgeous Burchell's Zebra hides in the US for over 25 years.

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Positively the best value in a genuine Zebra Skins Rugs. Serving the International Clietntielle for 30 years.

Althought the C Grade will have a few imperfetions, if a few flaws do not bother you, this hide will provide teh look you are looking for at a fraction ot the price.






These hides are beautiful by all accounts. Tanned to perfection and colors to richen any room. Our B Grades will have a few imperfections but more difficult to detect. 

Once oredered, a member of our Sales Team will send you a link to our "Blog" located at the top of the page and you can select your hide. High Resolution photographs as well as measurements of the hide are provided. Alternatively you can go to our Blog now, select your hide, return to our Web page, place your order and notate the hide you have selected.

Remeber felt Lining is additional, can be selected in either Black or Brown and needs to be added to the cart as a seperate item.


 Soft and Supple - Our Zebra hides are tanned with excellence and Pride.

These A Grades, have gorgeous markings and very few imperfections.

Please select The Blog Page above and it will redirect you to a page where you can select your hide, Measurements and high resolution photos available.



We have the best quality African home decor for the best value.

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